Research & Innovation

Research & Innovation

R&I(Research & Innovation) Center Introduction

COSMAX NBT's R&I Center was established in 2007 with COSMAX's founding ideology of <Study Companies> and started research new raw material and new supplement format. Use the prefix 'Research & Innovation' to demonstrate and emphasize the core values of 'Creativity and Innovation' and 'Professionalism’.

R&I Network

COSMAX NBT has global laboratories, including its subsidiary company COSMAX NS which is Research Institute, to develop new types of raw materials.

R&D network

For key material and new formulation development, COSMAX carries out research in collaboration with COSMAX Technical Lab, a mother company, research labs of main universities (Yonsei Univ., Sungkyunkwna Univ, Kookmin Univ. etc.) and government research institutes.