From Capsule, Gummy to Jelly, we lead the industry with a variety of dosage forms and packaging for the supplement.

COSMAX NBT enables the production of various format products tailored to the various needs of the customer. With the latest production facilities and the best quality control, we are committed to providing the best products to our customers.


Type: Un-coated, Film-coated, Chewable, Multi-layer (2-layer, 3-layer)

  • Multi-layer (2-layer, 3-layer) : We can create layers by raw material up to three layers from the tablet of an existing single layer.

  • Chewable Tablet: A type of molding that is suitable for children and the elderly who have difficulty. It can be implemented in various molds.


  • Chewable Softgel: For consumers who have difficulty swallowing Softgel, the film can be produced using Chewable.

  • Vegetable Softgel: Vegetable products can be produced using soft gel film from raw materials such as algae carrageenan.

    • Bottle
      Package Format: Tablet, Softgel, Hard capsule

    • Multipack
      Packaging Capacity: 1-4tablets (capsules)

    • PTP Packaging


    • Stick
      Package Format: 1.5g-47g

    • Pouch
      Package Format: 9g-70g

    • Canister
      Package Format: 100g-1,000g


    • Spoiled Drops
      Packaging Capacity : 30-100ml

    • Spray
      Packaging Capacity : 30ml & 50ml

    • Drop
      Packaging Capacity : 10ml & 15ml

    • Shot
      Packaging Capacity : 30ml (PET) 50-60ml (PP)

    • Bottle (PE)
      Packaging Capacity : 500ml, 1L

    • Bottle (Glass)
      Packaging Capacity : 750ml, 1L

    • Pouch
      Packaging Capacity : 30-200ml

    • Liquid Stick
      Packaging Capacity : 10-12g, 15-20g


COSMAX NBT leads the Supplement market by developing new formats to differentiate its products.
    • Concentrate
      Packaging Capacity : 50-60ml

    • Jelly
      Packaging Capacity : 10-30g

    • Gummy
      Weight: 2.5-5g