• 2021

    Jan. Won-il Yun inaugurated as CEO

    Jan. Acquisition of Australian patents related to Taheebo extract

  • 2020

    Jan. Acquisition of a patent for 'Functional Food Composition (including chamomile extract)'

    May. Gain individual patent of Agatri, a skin health ingredient

    Jun. Obtaining U.S. Patent Rights on Manufacturing Methods of Taheebo Liquidated Liquids

    Jul. Acquisition of patent rights for fine dust respiratory disease prevention products

    Nov. Domestic patent registration for 'Taheebo' as a functional ingredient for joint health

    Dec. Get patent for 'Compex UBB' to help with skin whitening

    Dec. patent for body detox composition 'Compex UD'

  • 2019

    Mar. Changed the company name to COSMAX NBT

    Jun. Wins Best Brand Innovation Award at HNC Exhibition

    Aug. Joint Patent Registration (NS) for Manufacturing Technology for Immunity Promotion Components

    Oct. Certified as an Australian subsidiary (ICCV Halal & Dairy License)

    Nov. Obtained individual recognition of probiotics specialized in women's health

    Nov. Minister of SMEs and Startups commendation at the World Class 300 Merit Award Ceremony

  • 2018

    May. Yoon-jong Lee inaugurated as CEO

    Dec. The 55th Trade Day “$50,000,000 export tower award”

    Dec. Selection of excellent food safety management companies

  • 2017

    Jan. Completion of factory in Melbourne, Australia

    Feb. Hi-Seoul brand ‘40 million USD export tower’ award

    Feb. Excellent job creation company award (NO 17-05-01)

    Mar. ISO 22000:2005 International Certification (ISO)

    Jun. 'The Best next-generation entrepreneur award’ awarded at the 9th Korea KOSDAQ Awards

    Jul. CEO Kwon Jin Hyeok designated as one of ‘the 3rd Outstanding Leaders of Korea Economy’

  • 2016

    Jan. Established Australia corporation (Melbourne)

    Feb. Hi-Seoul brand $20,000,000 export tower award

    Jun. Korea – China new economy corporation award rewarded (Organized by : Meail Economy TV)

    Jun. Selected as Worldclass 300, Global specialist

    Oct. Gyeonggido well branded SME certification awarded (2016.10.4~2019.10.3)

    Oct. Certified Austrailian TGA GMP

    Nov. Certified as a technologically innovative SME(Inno-Biz) (2016.11.14~2019.11.13)

    Dec. CEO Jin-hyouk Kwon, ‘2016 creative economy venture festival’ bronze industrial medal

    Dec. Awarded “30 million USD export trophy” at 53rd export day

    Dec. Main-Biz certified

    Dec. Korean Local Economy Innovation award, ‘Local Economy encouraging effort best award’ awarded (No 201612-05)

  • 2015

    Mar. Installation of the first line for lactic acid bacteria in Korea (Icheon, Gyeonggi-do)

    Jun. HALAL / ISO 9001:2008 international certification (ISO)

    Aug. Cosmetics production registered (KFDA Seoul)

    Sep. National quality satisfaction index well-being grand (health functional food) top rank award

    Oct. CEO Jin-hyeok Kwon awarded as a 2015 Korea Economic Leader

    Oct. Icheon City Industrial Excellent entrepreneur award

    Oct. 2015 Customer reliability brand award

    Nov. Completed the construction of the Dallas plant in the U.S

    Dec. The 52nd Trade Day $10,000,000 export tower award

    Dec. The 12th “Local industry policy award”

    Dec. New listing on the KOSDAQ market

  • 2014

    Feb. Established a subsidiary of Nutriscience, a research and development company

    Feb. Hi-Seoul brand company designated (Seoul City)

    Feb. Excellent company for job creation (Seoul Business Agency)

    Aug. HALAL IFANCA certification

    Aug. Established US corporation (Dallas, Texas)

    Dec. The 51st Trade Day $5,000,000 export tower award (Korea Trade Association)

    Dec. Excellent job creation company award (Gyeonggi-do)

    Dec. HACCP certification (Korea Food Safety Control Agency)

  • 2013

    Mar. HALAL certification (Korea Muslim Association)

    Jun. Selected as an excellent job enterprise in Gyeonggi-do

    Jun. Selected as a promising export SME by the SME Administration

    Jul. Established Shanghai corporation in China

    Sep. KSURE Global Growth Ladder enterprise certification (K-Sure)

    Oct. Completion of the second factory (powder)

    Oct. Technical innovation INNO-BIZ certification (SME Admin.)

    Oct. The 50th Trade Day “$3,000,000 export tower award”

    Dec. INNO-BIZ Main Biz certification (SME Admin.)

  • 2012

    Jun. Korea Small and Medium Business Administration selected promising SME for export

    Jun. Selected as the best company for jobs in Gyeonggi-do

  • 2011

    Sep. Gyeonggi Province selected promising SME enterprises

    Dec. 16th Gyeonggi-do SME Business Award 

  • 2010

    Jun. USA NSF GMP facility certification (US Sanitation Association)

    Jul. Gyeonggi-do excellent job creation company

    Oct. SME (Inno-biz) re-certification (3 years)

    Dec. SNE (Main biz) re-certification (3 years)

  • 2007

    Jun. Established technology research center

    Jul. Completed production plant

    Oct. Innovative SME INNOBIZ certified

    Nov. Icheon factory GMP certification (KFDA Gyeongin)

    Dec. Management innovation type SME(MAIN BIZ) certified

  • 2002

    Jan. Corporation establishment